Arming First Responders with Mental Healthcare Tools & Backing Them Up with Tele-Psychiatry


We serve city and county, first responder and mental health agencies. 


Cloud 9 Intervention’s mission is to provide mental healthcare to those who need it most, before they land in ERs, jails and the streets


Company Overview


Since 2015 our experienced team has been developing enterprise mobile applications that allow care providing organizations to engage with people and keep them in treatment. Now we must help our fellow citizens when they are experiencing a mental health crisis, for what ever reason.

Ten percent of all 9-1-1 calls are a mental crisis, and law enforcement officers have become the front line struggling to handle these issues. America's jails have become our new mental hospitals, with 64% of inmates being mentally ill. Our fellow citizens need proper care, not prosecution and incarceration, or isolation and neglect. The current failed cycle of non treatment and readmissions to these inappropriate facilities is ineffective, costlier than care and no longer sustainable.

Our team has also personally experienced the pain and tragedy of untreated mental illness, and we believe that the biggest tragedies also bring the biggest opportunities for growth and change. 

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For first responders and community healthcare agencies, Cloud 9 Intervention is the first mobile app that arms police, sheriff and EMS with mental healthcare data, tools and clinical support to protect their safety and the citizens in crisis they encounter.


Our Solution

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Starting with security, our software was designed to meet industry security standards for both HIPAA and CJIS compliance. 

The Cloud 9 data and communications app allows first responders and remote clinical care teams to properly treat and resolve a crisis at the scene. This delivers care to those in need, allows law enforcement to return to their jobs, while diverting mental health cases away from inappropriate and costly ER, jail and judicial systems.

We are proud to be the first to develop a true clinical care model that helps counties and municipalities improve community health and support public safety through technology.



Law Enforcement

“This gives deputies one more tool so they can better triage the situation that’s happening out in the field, based on the symptoms they are seeing, and have a medical professional be able to give them guidance.”

Sheriff Ed Gonzalez, Harris County

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Healthcare Providers

"I reassured the deputy it was OK not to involuntarily transport the patient to an ER. I helped verbally de-escalate the patient and adjusted her medication to reduce suffering on the spot, and prevented a dehumanizing, unnecessary stay in an ER."

Dr. Flavio Casoy, Psychiatrist

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Mental Health Advocates

"This program has a lot of potential. It can help people access mental health treatment and keep people out of settings that they don't need to be in."

Greg Hansch, National Alliance on Mental Illness

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Benefits & Results

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Avoid Tragedies

Too often mental crises end badly. For the safety of our citizens and first responders, we must deliver vital information and support at these critical times.

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Build Healthy Communities

Backing up our first responders with clinical support, allows them to focus on their profession to protect and serve. We have an opportunity to build trust for healthier communities.



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